What Goes Into a Home Inspection?

I’m an ASHI Certified Home Inspector (#249681) with over 12 years of experience as a fulltime home inspector. To provide you with a thorough home inspection, I follow the ASHI Standards of Practice to evaluate all the major systems of the home for safety and functionality. 

I start outside at the roof and walk on it if it’s safe to do so. I inspect around the exterior of the home, checking the structure, hard surfaces, retaining walls, siding, chimney, decks, foundation, and grade and water management. Inside, I start in the attic and comment on the roof structure, insulation and ventilation systems. Then I work my way down through the house from top to bottom. I go room to room checking the majority of outlets, lights, windows and doors. I run all the plumbing fixtures and look for signs of leaks or abnormities. I run all the kitchen and laundry appliances. In the basement and crawlspaces, the structure and foundation of the home are evaluated. I remove the electrical panel covers to inspect the wiring. The heating and cooling systems for the home are evaluated.

I also go beyond the Standards of Practice. I use a combustion analyzer to check the carbon monoxide levels of the furnace flue gases. I have an infrared camera and moisture meter that I use to evaluate suspected moisture stains. I also use the infrared camera to check in-floor heating and distribution systems.  I comment on the presence of mold when I see it.   

The same day as the inspection a report is emailed to you with pictures and recommendations. And I'm always available if you have follow up questions. 

Jon's Background:

After graduating from the University of New Hampshire, Jon moved from the East Coast to Minnesota with his fiancée (now wife), Allison. His love of all things structural led him to study civil engineering at the University of Minnesota, then on to a residential landscape design and build company, where he helped homeowners realize their dreams of transforming yard and home.  During the winters, Jon took on home remodeling projects, including renovating all the rooms in his current house, overhauling the bathrooms, redoing the landscaping and building a raised paver patio off the back of the house.

Home renovation and improvement and real estate have long be a passion of Jon’s – and home inspection was the perfect way to blend his engineering background with his understanding of construction and his love of design. Jon is an American Society of Home Inspectors Certified Home Inspector and has passed the National Home Inspection Examination. He has completed Home Inspector training classes through the Kaplan Professional Schools, Inspection Training Associates (Kaplan ITA), the national leader in home inspector training. Jon stays on top of developments in home inspection, ownership and real estate through continual education at the Kaplan School and active engagement in the ASHI Association. He is also an affiliate member of the Minneapolis Area Association of Realtors, Inc. 

When he’s not inspecting homes, Jon enjoys spending time with his wife, daughter and son and making the most of all four Midwest seasons through a variety of outdoor sports and activities.